Perfect… Perfect… Perfect… (Arms) =P 


Perfect… Perfect… Perfect… (Arms) =P 

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ok but how cool is it that we have a nang ek who stands up for her desires, who says hell-naw to a life and role she doesn’t want, who knows love and tenderness and vulnerability, who is an effing scholar! studying in a country with a whole different culture and language, where a samurai descendant falls in love with her; she’s kidnapped and threatened, she bears the weight of other people’s judgment yet she still makes an effort to understand the Japanese culture and make the most out of her situation. and in the end, she chooses to OWN her future, she chooses to stay true to herself. you want a STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER? PRAEWDAO.

Onizuka? Warriors? Fearing for the safety of her husband? Seiko ain’t about that life. Her world isn’t going to end without Takeshi, no matter how much she loves him. And THAT IS WHY I LOVE SEIKO.  

Idgaf about the choice between love and safety. Those two things should not be mutually exclusive to one another. yeah let’s sip on tea and admire the beautiful Seiko Praewdao, the brilliant star that lights the sun warrior’s path, but not before LIGHTING HER OWN PATH!

Good work, Makers Y Group.

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Phra Khanong boy band

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WHY is he soooo handsome???

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A Hmong girl dancing joyfully.


A Hmong girl dancing joyfully.

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nadech & richy


nadech & richy

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